When you see pictures of celebrities in magazines online, it is hard not to feel envious of their slim figures. Although many celebrities claim they are able to maintain a great

Celebrity Diets That Work

Beyonce lost 20lbs on the Master Cleanse

body shape by exercising and eating properly, the truth is that many stars try some rather strange diets in order to keep in shape.

The lemonade diet, also known as the Maple Syrup Diet or the Master Cleanse was created in the mid-1950s by a naturopath from California. He was considered to be a bit of a quack at the time, but he claimed the lemonade diet could cure many health issues including cancer. The Master Cleanse involves drinking a drink of fresh lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a period of 10 days. No food should be eaten at all, and for several days before starting the diet and after completing it you are advised to only drink fresh raw fruit juice.

When singer and actress Beyonce lost 20lbs for her role in the film “Dream Girls” she followed the lemonade diet to lose weight and get in shape. This led to renewed interest in the diet, and now many people swear by it as a means of losing weight and also to improve health.

Dr Joshi’s 21 Day detox diet is popular with several Hollywood celebs including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Blanchett. British supermodel Kate Moss is also said to be a fan of this diet. During the 21 day diet, red meat, dairy, many fruits, alcohol, potatoes, spreads, coffee and a number of other foods are off bounds. Basically all that is left is fresh raw salad greens, most vegetables, low-sugar fruits, tofu and fish. Dieters must drink 2 litres of water a day and chew their food 12 times before swallowing.

It is said that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are fans of the three-hour diet. This diet is the brainchild of Jorge Cruise who is author of many keep fit books as well as working as a personal celebrity trainer. Cruise states you must eat a meal of limited proportions which includes carbs and protein and a very small amount of fat, every three hours.

Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of the Macrobiotic diet. This was originally brought to the US from Japan, and dieters may eat a combination of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and soy products. The Macrobiotic diet is low in fat but high in fibre.

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