Mel Gibson evil mustacheCelebrities like to put gross shit on themselves for weird reasons. Sometimes literally. Those thousand-dollar-a-half-ounce lotions and potions that are supposed to make Goldie Hawn look like Emma Watson? Full of rat urine and monkey feces. But Mel Gibson isn’t being guided by youth-seeking vanity when he smears himself with cow brains. He just wants to win at poker. IMDb reports:

Mel Gibson uses a smelly ointment made from cow’s brains to sharpen his mind for poker games with pals.

The actor told Kirn the substance, called Selegiline, helps to clean “the neurotransmitters,” but [publicist Alan] Nierob insists the ointment doesn’t help his client and friend win – Gibson’s a “loser” whose losses have helped put the publicist’s kids through college.

But does he rub the ointment into his sugar tits?

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