lindsay-lohan-cries-on-phoneRemember waaaaaay back 24 whole hours ago to yesterday when we promised you positive-LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!!? Well, it didn’t take long for Lindsay Lohan to make good on that promise. As we were bringing you the Twitter gospel according to Lohan, she was punching a guy in the maw and then crying about it. Says Fame Pictures (via Celebitchy):

After Lindsay Lohan allegedly threw a punch at a guy who was getting too close to her younger sister Ali at a nightclub, the two exhibit some bizarre behavior on their yacht early this morning, the 4th of January. Sources say that Lindsay repeatedly warned the young man to leave her sister alone and viciously punched him when he did not stop.

Bodyguards arrived quickly to stop the fight and Ali returned to the boat, while Lindsay and a male friend stayed for another hour. On a yacht still riddled with vodka bottles from the long night of partying, the Lohan sisters laughed and cried as they made phone calls, trying to determine the severity of the fight and the consequences that may put a stop to their indulgent vacation.

Way to not court drama, Linds. You might also try walking to the nearest convenience store wearing only a bra and flip flops, announcing your engagement to a 90-year-old billionaire, or, an old classic, shaving your head in front of paparazzi. All drama-free, fun activities to fill your days.

Also, here are some pics of Lindsay in a bathing suit, cause her yabbos look juicy.

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