Never ones to hold back when it comes to living the good life, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z decided to ring in the New Year in the relaxing environment of St. Barth.

Spotted side-by-side on Thursday afternoon (December 31), the happy couple held one another as they partook in a leisurely yacht cruise around the Caribbean ahead of the New Year’s Eve parties.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z recently finished up his work on a brand new collaboration called “Light Up” with Toronto lyricist, Drake.

“Everybody is looking for this one joint with me and Jay, so that needs to happen,” Drake previously told MTV. “My goal at this point is to keep making that organic music. I don’t wanna feel pressure now that I have a single and music that’s hot.”

Now having completed the new track, Drake later told MTV, “When I heard that beat, the drums that they had come up with, it was like, ‘Man, this is a moment. This sounds like where I’m at in my life.’ So, we took it and 40 did what he does to pieces of music that I see potential in — he took it to the next spot. Jay-Z’s on it. The song is phenomenal. It’s done now.”

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