Xpimp n ho jude n siennaA few things have changed since the last time Jude Law and Sienna Miller were together. She got super famous via crappy movies and husband stealing and booby flashing. We saw his shrinky-dink wiener, then he got really bald, resulting in a roughly 97% drop in women who want to pork him. But some things never change. Like the fact that Jude’s still really good at insemination. In fact, after that kid he still hasn’t met, he’s even better at it than before. Star reports (via Celebitchy):

In mid-November, “Sienna realized she was late, and she freaked!” an insider reveals. “They’re still working things out, really, and she was afraid that getting pregnant would ruin everything.”

“Jude was really supportive. Sienna even took the home test at his place,” says the source. “It was a false alarm. She was likely just late from the stress of her Broadway show.”

Well that was a close one. A baby at this point in their relationship would be really hard. She’d be all like, “You’re only with me because of the baby!” And he’d shoot back with, “You’re only with me because it’s good for your career to date a real movie star. Alfie was the best job you ever had!” And she’d retort, “That’s not true! Take that back. I did . . . hmmmm, that one was no good. But! Nope, that one sucked too. And then I made . . . jeez, maybe you’re right. I’m so sorry I yelled at you, honey.”

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